May 25, 2024

Ten products to care for your hair and scalp after the summer

hair and scalp

Shampoos, masks or serums that help restore hydration, firmness and shine to all types of hair
Hair care is one of the most necessary and demanded beauty matters after the summer holidays. The reason? The undesirable effects caused, on the hair and scalp, by prolonged exposure to the sun and to sea or swimming pool water.

we have selected ten repairing treatments that help reduce dryness, flaking or the dull appearance of the hair. These are masks, serums or shampoos that can be purchased online and that are specifically formulated to nourish the hair and restore its lost shine and softness.

Tea tree shampoo for irritated scalp, Urtekram

Made and designed in Denmark, this natural cosmetic product is designed to relieve scalp irritation. Formulated with natural ingredients, it is a 100% silicone-free and paraffin-free shampoo. Those who have tried it say of it : “Ideal shampoo for peeling problems, perfect finish, does not dry out, and is very natural.”

Reconstructing Instant Mask, L’Oreal Paris Elvive

With Rapid Reviver Dream Long it is possible to repair damaged hair in just a few steps. It is suitable for daily use, does not weigh hair down and, according to its manufacturers, the benefits of using it are quickly visible. It is a product that offers great value for money and that registers a very positive average rating on Amazon: 4.6 stars out of 5.

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Resistance Extensioniste Strengthening Serum , Kerastase

It is a very complete product that allows you to strengthen the hair fibers from the root so that the hair grows healthier. In addition, it gently cleanses the scalp and helps rebuild the scales of weakened hair.

Shampoo to restore the natural balance of skin and hair, Sebamed

Designed to relieve itching and irritation of the scalp, this shampoo is formulated with highly concentrated urea to achieve deep hydration. Through polidocanol it also reduces the sensation of itching and, thanks to a combination of sugar surfactants, gently cleanses the area and prevents the hair from drying out.

Protein Repair Treatment, Redken

A proposal based on ceramides, arginine or hydrolyzed soy protein to condition, cleanse and hydrate the hair after the excesses of summer. It is a product that registers more than 3,000 reviews on Amazon and that platform users have rated with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. After using it —they indicate— the hair looks brighter, softer, and healthier.

Absolut Repair Reconstructive Treatment , L’Oréal

Within the line of products for professionals in the hairdressing sector, L’Oréal has this shampoo that helps to strengthen and repair, from the first uses, dry and damaged hair. It is a product enriched with quinoa protein, with a light finish, and promises to reduce superficial damage to the hair by up to 77%.

Violet shampoo for blonde tones, Moroccanoil

Discolored or gray hairs suffer a lot from exposure to the sun or pool water. For this reason, there are shampoos like this one that help achieve a uniform tone in blonde or white hair while moisturizing and repairing the cuticles. It achieves this through a sulfate-free formula, with violet pigments that counteract yellowish and orange tones, and ArganID technology to help seal the cuticle.

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Revlon UniqOne Dry Hair Treatment

It is a very easy-to-apply spray that does not need rinsing and offers multiple benefits, including achieving more hydrated, easy-to-untangle and healthier hair. Coconut-based, it leaves a very pleasant scent on the hair and can be used on both wet and dry hair.

Bond Intense Repairing Mask , Olaplex

“The ends were damaged from the chlorine in the pool and from the wicks. The change is 100% effective from the first use. I recommend it”. This is how one of the users who has tried and reviewed it through Amazon pronounces on this product . It is a 4-in-1 mask that helps restore volume, hydration, softness and lost shine to the hair. It is suitable for all types of hair and it is enough to spray and leave for a minute.

Ultra-concentrated care mask

Keratin and hyaluronic acid, from argan and silk proteins are the most outstanding ingredients of this vanilla-scented mask, formulated to treat very damaged hair. It is a product manufactured in France, which is sold in a 1-kilo jar, and which allows you to strengthen the hair from the root to reduce breakage and achieve healthy hair. The mask is also suitable for hair damaged by repeated coloring and bleaching or the continued use of heat sources.


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