May 23, 2024

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Write For Us

Thank you for being interested in writing for us!

Beauty Remedies Info is a blog that focuses on using homemade natural beauty tips to take care of women’s beauty. There are many side effects for some of the over-the-counter beauty products, this makes it our own responsibility to protect our skin and body from harmful chemicals.

In Beautyremediesinfo  we welcome all people who are interested to care for their skin ,face,health and who are  passionate about fashion

Why Write For is all about creating a community of people who want to support each other and help each other with makeup, beauty or skincare advice.

We believe that sharing is caring. By sharing with the community, we become better collectively!

Do you have beauty, makeup or skincare tips that you think could really benefit or help others who are trying to achieve their beauty or skincare goals? If so, we invite you to share your tips with the community!

Ho to Submit Your Story

We welcome inspirational contributions from guest bloggers, writers and content creators. By sharing your experiences, you can help change lives at

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Article GuideLines -Beauty write for us 

  • The article should contain at least 700 + words Or more words.
  • Content should be informative useful to reader-no promotional language 
  • Your article must be original and NOT posted anywhere else on the web. As well as you agree that you are NOT going to publish it anywhere else in the future.
  • It should be Plagiarism free.
  • Two or Three URLs where your guest articles were published


  • The articles must contain relevant images (at least one) with a link to the source.
  • The article must NOT contain affiliate links.
  • The do-follow link should be to a relevant personal blog and NOT to a commercial website.

If you can adhere to these guidelines, then we are ready to accept your submission! Email your pitch to: