May 24, 2024

I do not believe in coincidences but I admit that my latest discovery when it comes to lipstick has been almost an “accident”.

I recently told you about the MAC lipstick that I fell madly in love with watching Maleficent 2 and that I tried to take everywhere after discovering that I had it at home.

But yesterday, in my haste on the way to a meeting, I looked for her in the lipstick drawer and mistakenly took another one.

I entered races in the car and put it on (I always paint my lips in the car, blogger mías, hahaha).

When I saw myself in the mirror, I was surprised by how good it was (the light that was there at that time was spectacular, it must be admitted) but it did not seem the same tone … I looked well and I was actually wrong:

But do you know something? I like it more. Even more.

I published it on Instagram and when you leave the meeting you can not imagine the message that I had asking me what it was. So I took a photo of him quickly (in the rush he dropped it, but he is still “alive” …).

This is RUNAWAY RED from Mac Cosmetics (it says “sample” because the brand should have sent it to me I don’t remember when, but the tone is that).

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