July 23, 2024

Liquid Lipstick: Dos And Don’ts

Liquid Lipstick

Liquid Lipstick

If you love lip makeup, chances are you own at least one liquid lipstick. With intense, long-lasting formulas that can make your lips look juicy, luscious, fierce, and glamorous, liquid lipsticks are as versatile as they come. This makes it all the more heartbreaking when you can’t get the hang of the perfect application technique.

But if you know what to avoid and what to focus on, there’s no way you’ll end up with cracked or bleeding liquid lip colour. A little help can go a long way. And this is why, today, we bring you this quick guide to make all your lip looks Instagram-worthy.

The Dos of Liquid Lipstick Application

When talking about what you should do with liquid lipstick, there’s a lot you need to keep in mind before, during, and after applying your lipstick to make sure your efforts don’t go in vain.

Prepping Your Lips

The first thing you should do is make sure your lips are plump, smooth, and ready to take on the pigment. Flaky and crusty lips are not a good look on any typical day, and even less when applying liquid lipsticks for a glam look.

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Take good care of your lips daily for the most stunning application. You can do this by regularly applying lip balms and scrubbing your lips once or twice weekly to keep the flakes at bay. Before putting on your liquid lipstick, always ensure you’ve moisturised your lips with lip balm.

Applying a Lip Liner

One of the most common challenges when using these lipsticks is that it tends to go over your lip lines easily. To avoid this, line your lips with a matching lip liner, and then fill in the space inside with the lipstick. This will give you the perfect chic application that looks as if done by a professional.

Using the Correct Applicator

While using the attached applicator may be the first instinct, you may get a finer result by using a tapered lip brush instead. A tapered brush allows you to finesse the edges while still giving you ample surface area to help you fill in the space inside easily.

This brush can also give you a much thinner layer that looks and feels as natural as your skin without appearing too cakey or thick.

The Don’ts of Liquid Lipstick Application

Now that the dos are sorted, there are a set of don’ts as well that you need to be careful of to get that perfect look.

Applying a Lot at Once

Applying more product always gives a more opaque and intense look. But, if you try to speed up the process by applying a lot of the product on the very first coat, then that will backfire by giving you a chunky and uneven surface instead.

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Instead of applying a lot in the first go, it is ideal to apply a thin layer, wait for it to dry, and follow this process to build up the colour gradually.

Rubbing Your Lips Immediately After Applying

We know that the urge to rub your lips together after application can be intense. But you may want to control yourself there since rubbing your lips while the product is still wet can have an adverse effect.

Contrary to what you want, it can lead to piling of the product, making it look chunky, or it can smudge the product, making it go outside your carefully drawn lines.

Using Your Fingers to Spread the Product

One of the best tips when applying regular lipsticks is to use your fingers for a smudged and more even look. However, this is a strict no-no for liquid lipsticks. Using your fingers can displace the product, make it look patchy and uneven, and even reduce how long the product stays on your lips.

Pro Tips to Master Your Liquid Lipsticks Technique

Apart from these primary dos and don’ts, we have a few more tips to help you perfect your look and apply that liquid lipstick with finesse.

  1. Reduce transfer by blotting:

Although not all products do this, you may see minimal transfer when using liquid lipsticks. You can reduce this by blotting your lips lightly against a blotting paper once the product has dried. This will speed up the drying process while eliminating any excess product that may ruin your clothes – or teeth!

  1. Set it in place to make it last long:

You can make your lipstick last way longer by setting it with your regular makeup setting powder. Once you have applied your lipstick, dab a little powder on your lips using a regular powder brush. This will seal in the colour while absorbing any excess moisture, giving you the added effect of super matte lips. A setting spray works, too.

  1. Take care when removing your lipstick:

While you need to take special care when applying liquid lipstick, you must also be very careful when removing it. This means removing your lipstick with a lipstick remover before bed every night. If the product seems too stubborn, then you can hold your cotton ball or pad with the remover against your lips for a while to dissolve the product and then wipe it away quickly.

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Final Thoughts

Liquid lipsticks can seem a little intimidating initially, what with the intense pigmentation and the skill needed to put it on. But with the help of these dos, don’ts, and additional tips, we’re confident you can slay all your looks and spice up Insta with that perfect pout.

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