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Ways To Prevent The Spread Of White Hair

Ways To Prevent The Spread Of White Hair

Ways To Prevent The Spread Of White Hair

When it comes to hair problems, excessive hair fall, hair breakage, dandruff and more are  problems we have all heard of. However, adding to this list, premature greying of hair, aging scalp and premature balding are hair problems that more and more young people are facing everyday. How to prevent white hair from spreading is a common query among the youth as this problem can quite literally add multiple years to your appearance and make you look much older than you really are. Solving the “how to prevent white hair from spreading” problem is very important as no one wants to spend their prime years looking older than their actual age.


The reasons for premature greying of hair are many, including genetics, stress, autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems, vitamin B-12 deficiency, irregular blood supply to the scalp, etc. These are all problems that cause your hair follicles to lose pigment cells, resulting in the spread of premature white hair. Fortunately, this is quite a simple issue that can be prevented by taking the necessary measures, in most cases. Here are some ways you can prevent the spread of white hair:

For those looking for a convenient short hairstyle, a simple drawstring ponytail would be an ideal choice. Drawstring ponytails generally are a kind of hairstyle that uses small combs and a stretchy drawstring that are employing to attach the hairstyle to a person’s scalp. The most usual length of a drawstring ponytail that can be found online would be approximately two inches in length. There are lots of styles that can be incorporated into it so that the hairstyles will look as natural as possible.

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  • Hair Vitamins and Minerals: In case of improper intake of nutrients that has resulted in greying hair, vitamin and mineral supplements are a very popular solution. You can look for healthy biotin, copper, B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, zinc, magnesium and selenium supplements from brands like Traya that are effective in stopping the spread of white hair. With regular usage, they can also reverse the greying of hair.




  • Avoid Smoking: Multiple researchers have linked smoking to premature greying of hair. The harmful radicals present in nicotine can damage cells that produce melanin and increase the spread of white hair. They overall contribute to poor hair health by damaging scalp and stunting the growth of healthy hair.
  • Home Remedies: Home remedies work well as they don’t tend to have any side effects and suit all hair types well. Ayurvedic herbs and mixes require no effort and come handy in stopping the spread of white hair. Some natural remedies you can try are –


    • Massaging coconut oil or pure ghee on your scalp.
    • Drinking fresh amla juice everyday.
    • Eating grated ginger mixed with some honey regularly.
    • Consuming enzymes catalase rich foods like broccoli, cabbage, sweet potato, garlic, etc.
    • Massaging onion juice on your scalp for a pre-shampoo rinse.



  • Proper Intake of Nutrients: Having a balanced diet is essential to ensure proper intake of all the necessary nutrients like iron, copper, zinc and more. Your diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables, B vitamins rich foods like beans, citrus fruits, fish, yoghurt, meat, and others like lentils, leafy greens and more.
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By following the above listed measures, you can learn how to stop white hair from spreading and enjoy your youth without being conscious of sporting white hair. These tips will also help improve your overall hair health and make sure your hair is strong, thick, full of melanin and healthy. You can gain more information about how to prevent white hair from spreading from scientific sites like Traya.

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