May 23, 2024

Will My Hair Really Benefit from Taking Hair Growth Supplements?

Hair Growth Supplements

Hair Growth Supplements

Do you ever wonder whether hair growth supplements will be good for you or if they even work?

Sometimes our hair worries, and questions can seem endless. Dramatic chops, excessive hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, male/female pattern baldness, genetics, hair thinning, and several other hair problems keep us questioning about our hair health and what can be done.

Many people look at hair growth supplements as treatment options for a heathier head of hair. Many hair growth  supplements are generally beneficial and can contribute to more luscious locks. However, you can’t rely on these supplements as the primary and  sole treatment method for better hair growth. Supplements can help meet deficiencies in your body that could be causing your hair loss problems.

How Hair Supplements Can Work for You

We can only expect hair supplements to benefit us when we have some deficiency in the body. If a deficiency is not the reason why our hair is falling or turning weak, and some underlying problem is the cause, then supplements won’t do much good. 

For example, we have growing evidence of how iron supplementation works for women who have low ferritin levels. Ferritin is the iron storing protein and a major cofactor for good hair growth. 

The main goal of every supplement depends on what the supplement is used for. For instance, certain supplements work to eliminate your levels of stress, while others may reduce inflammation. Some supplements may function as potent antioxidants, while others address the negative hormonal problems. 

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Then we also have the mineral and vitamin supplements that cater to the deficiencies of nutrients in your body.  Once the supplements start fulfilling the shortcomings in your body, your hair follicles will find all encouragement it needs to grow stronger, faster, and thicker.

In fact, it is not uncommon knowledge that certain vitamin deficiencies are the main cause of brittle, thin, and falling hair. A healthy dose of all the important nutrients is highly supportive of good hair growth. 

**For more effective results we suggest using a laser cap for hair loss. Kiierr laser caps use low-level laser light therapy to stimulate cell function and produce new hair growth. Combine the laser cap with hair growth supplements and you’ll have a lot more success to your hair growth! 

Signs of Deficiencies

In some cases, you can find clear signs that indicate a deficiency in your body. Let’s look at some of them below:

  • Niacin deficiency- if you come across scaly rashes on your skin from sun exposure or suffer from depression, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, and headaches, you could be Niacin deficient.
  • Vitamin C- if you find your hair-splitting, wounds healing poorly, nose and gums bleeding often, or developing infections often, then you are most likely Vitamin C deficient. 
  • Vitamin A- night blindness. Dry eyes, dry skin, slow growth, and breakouts are all signs of vitamin A deficiency. 

The Main Components of Hair Growth Supplements

Experts tell us that the main components in the hair growth supplements are vitamin D, protein, iron, and B complex vitamins. These work in combination to give our hair growth a boost and make our lock thick, lustrous, and strong. 

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However, it is best to take any supplements after your doctor’s approval. He/she will first identify what is lacking in your system and then determine the right supplement type for you. Additionally, you must also consider the recommended daily allowance (RDA), as is the case with every supplement and its ingredient. 

This is essential because vitamin supplements that you may take may have vitamin A or Iron. An excess of both can trigger certain side effects, thus harming your health. 

What Kind of Hair Supplements Are on The Market? 

There is a huge variety of hair supplements in today’s market. It can be easy to group them into categories, such as supplements that replenish deficiencies, supplements that decrease oxidative stress, supplements that reduce inflammation, supplements that improve gut health, supplements that adjust hormonal influences, and many others. 

Hair growth supplements can work as an essential building block for your hair follicles, to establish grounds for healthy hair activity. For some individuals, hair growth pills can work better than for others. Our hair has fast-dividing cells, but they’re not essential for living. What happens as a result, is that our hair cells are the last ones to receive nutrition from our blood flow. 

These supplements provide your hair cells extra nutrition to produce faster and grow stronger and healthier. However, it’s important to mention that deficiencies mainly stem from a poor diet. Remember, you cannot expect supplements to substitute for a balanced and healthy diet. To ensure you are giving your scalp all the elements it needs to produce good hair, you must maintain a nutritious diet and take supplements in addition. 

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When Can You See Results Using Hair Supplements?

The truth is that there’s no certain timeline for hair supplements to produce results. In fact, they may or may not even work for you. Some supplements may prove highly effective, while others, may not make much of a difference. 

You should be ready to wait for a period that can range from a few weeks to months when stating a new hair supplement. Certain supplements on the market may claim to give you lush, long locks in just a short period. We never recommend supplements expecting overnight miracles. Hair growth normally takes a long time, especially hair growth where you need supplements for added support.

If you have no underlying health issues or hormonal problems and regularly take hair growth supplements, you may notice less hair loss within two months. By the approximately six months, you should notice your hair looking healthier and thicker. 


Hair growth supplements benefit you most in case of deficiencies. Apart from that, there isn’t much the supplements can do to eliminate your hair problems. Supplements work as additional support for your hair follicles, but you can’t expect these to be a miraculous cure for severe hair loss or hair problems. It’s important to identify the root cause of your hair problems, spot deficiencies, and address them correctly. In case of severe hair loss, you should consider using a laser cap for effective results. 

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