April 17, 2024
Wear a Beanie

Wear a Beanie

A beanie is a versatile winter hat that can be styled in a variety of ways to achieve a picture-perfect winter look. Sometimes, you need something a little more complex than just pulling it onto your head – and that’s where styling tips come in. With these tips, you can try out a variety of different looks this winter!

Simple and Standard

There’s almost no wrong way to wear a beanie. You can style this simple, versatile hat in just about any way you want. But the importance and impact of a standard beanie can’t be overstated! Sometimes you just need that simple look to top off the rest of your outfit.

When a beanie is worn in the standard way, it rests on your forehead. The bottom of the hat is just above your eyebrows, and your ears should be partially covered. Make sure to tuck your loose hair up into your beanie and leave it uncuffed for a simple, clean-lined look. 

Use a Pom to be Playful

Black pride beanies with poms on the top add a playful edge to your look! It’s fresh and looks great when added to just about any beanie, but especially knitted ones. Make sure to pull the hat down tight over your head so the pom sits atop your head for a perfect touch. You can even cuff the bottom of the beanie if you need to!

Neutral colors look great with this type of beanie, but bright colors can also add a refreshing splash to your wardrobe. Try different types of poms and different types of beanies to achieve the perfect whimsical winter look. 

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Don’t Be Afraid to Cuff

Don’t be afraid to cuff the bottom of your beanie, either! Some beanies even offer an incentive to do this, adding colorful patterns or logos to the underneath side of the bottom edge. Cuffing this edge also adds another dimension to the hat, avoiding the standard look. 

Plus, the added material that a cuff provides can keep the tips of your ears extra warm on those cold winter days. Add a little bit of flair and don’t be afraid to cuff the bottom of your beanie up. It works well when you need to see better, too!

The Slouch is in Style

One of the most stylish ways you can wear a beanie is with the top slouched back off your head. The slouch beanie looks effortless and just a little messy, but it takes a lot of work to manage! When it’s cold but you want to look cool, the slouch beanie is the perfect way to do that! 

To get this look perfect, make sure to push the beanie towards the back of your head. Leave some hair visible in front of the beanie, and make sure that it’s properly parted and styled. A side-swept part is perfect for this look! Choose a longer or larger beanie for this look, because the fabric at the back needs to gather to achieve the ‘slouch’. The slouch beanie has been a fashion go-to for years, so rock it! 

Fabrics Matter

No matter what type of beanie look or style you choose, the fabric the beanie is made of will matter. You can choose a fleece beanie for a uniquely smooth look. A machine-knit beanie (the standard in plain beanies) is traditional and lovely. If you’re looking to go for a soft, playful look, try a cable-knit cable beanie with a pom on top. 

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The fabrics and colors that you choose can define your look. After all, not all beanies are created equally. Try softer, neutral fabrics with knit beanies and brighter prints with fleece beanies. Mix it up and try a variety of hats until you find the one that perfectly matches your style. Neutral colors will go with just about anything, so make sure to have a few neutral beanies on hand along with some pops of color!


There are many ways to wear a beanie. With a little persistence and the right hat, you can style just about any beanie perfectly. Slide this casual winter hat into a variety of looks with these beanie styling tips and step up your wardrobe for those cold-weather months!

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