June 17, 2024

6 pretty, reusable and solidarity masks


Since they are a ‘must’ of the summer … what if we opted for some pretty masks, design, prints and matching clothes? Today we present a selection of beautiful masks, created by local designers, supportive, reusable and ideal for not giving up (or in this case) your style.


Who was going to tell us that a mask was going to become a must of the summer of 2020? Yes, that’s the way it is, and renouncing style is not at odds with helping to prevent the spread of a virus that has affected everyone and has wreaked havoc on the economy, on the modus vivendi and operandi of society in all its aspects. Because the  mask no longer has to be the surgical one , white and blue, that we have seen at the beginning of the confinement, nor does it have to be boring. Do you know how to use it? Here we tell you everything you should know about its proper use .

In Spain specifically, the use of the mask has awakened not only the most caring side of many designers , fashion firms and artisans, who have decided to donate part of their profits to charitable causes that fight against the Covid-19, which give masks to centers health, altruistically, to oenegés and actions in favor of the environment, but has also awakened the more artistic side . Because you will find them in patterned designs, in animal print, smooth, abstract, with summery, ethnic designs, with vivid colors, subtle, floral … There are all kinds!

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Masks of all styles

From the most flirtatious masks of the  fashion brand Cherubina, which in addition to elegant styles and chic, they sell them in packs to go with your child. Also, as we said at the beginning of this article with a gallery of beautiful masks, they are supportive. Thus, from the firm they explain that “with each purchase of a #Cherubinamask we will donate a health mask for health personnel and risk groups,” they explain from the  firm. In fact, in early May they had already donated more than 3,500 units.

There are also those who think about the planet , a theme that has come to light in broad strokes throughout this Covid-19 era. For example, the masks of the firm Two Thirds, designed in Barcelona, ​​whose cotton is organic and part of their profits are donated to causes that protect the oceans, and that is that according to what they say from the same brand they are “ocean friendly”. Hence the name of the firm: because two thirds of the world is covered by the oceans. In addition, on their website they update the actual delivery date according to the orders they have, so you have an exact idea of ​​when your mask will arrive. The cotton they use is organic and part of their profits is donated to causes that protect the oceans., as they affirm from the same brand, they are “ocean friendly”. Hence the name of the firm: because two thirds of the world is covered by the oceans.

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1.Mask designed by Berta Cabestany

Designer Berta Cabestany’s masks are made from recycled fabric from her summer collection, 100% cotton and washable up to 60 degrees. In addition to cute and flirty designs, there are two sizes (adult and child) and include a filter opening.


2.Cherubina Masks

Cherubina masks are elegant, flirty, can be purchased in units or packs of 3 and 10 and, do not miss it: a duo of masks to go with your children. Of course, keep in mind that it is a hygienic mask that is interwoven to provide greater protection, but it is not surgical.

3.Banarassi mask

Banarassi masks feature floral, colorful and abstract prints. Definitely a summery must. Made of water-repellent and antibacterial fabric with elastic bands.

4.El Ganso Mask

Without a doubt, El Ganso has hit the nail on the head with this design on its masks. You will find them in different colors and in packs of two units. El Ganso masks are hygienic, reusable and 100% cotton under UNE 0065: 2020 specification; they have two layers of 100% surgical cotton and a polypropylene filter inside. Oh, and besides! The profits from the sale of these smiling masks are used to make new masks to donate to 

5.MANGO masks

With MANGO it could not be otherwise: the firm has not only hygienic masks in various patterns, but they also sell scented hydroalcoholic gel of plant origin, wow!

6.Mask of the Italian firm Marco Pascali

Italy, the first country in Europe where the total confinement of the country was decreed, could not be left out of the beautiful and fashionable design of this outfit that is already part of our day to day. Why not deny that this design by Marco Pascali does not seem super successful for the arrival of summer?

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