May 25, 2024

A reliable and useful guide to control overthinking, from professionals


We’ve all been through it. When we fall into unhealthy patterns that we find it hard to get out of, when we become obsessed with things that are beyond our control, or when we simply overanalyze things that we should forget about. Sylvia Plath once said, “Is there no way out of the mind ?”

We asked psychologists for practical and concise hacks that you can use to help you get out of thinking too much rut. Aloakika Motwane, a psychotherapist, shared some techniques that she tells her clients when they feel this way.

1.) Keep a journal so you can realistically analyze your fears
2.) Turn what-ifs into what-ifs and stay focused on the present.
3.) Do not try to do things perfectly, better do them wrong, but do them well.
4.) Get out of your head and into your body by taking a walk or exercising.
5.) Use your breath to modulate your nervous system. Try to meditate .

We often feel powerless, because we can’t control our mind or how we feel. Shweta Puri, a psychotherapist also weighed in on the matter. She said it’s important to acknowledge how you feel, adding that you need to tell yourself, “Right now I’m having a thought that’s intruding on my consciousness. It is an intrusive thought. It has caught my attention because of how it feels ».

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