May 25, 2024

Streamiz: Most Popular Illegal Streaming Site


Streamiz is a France based company that offers online HD movies and TV shows as well as music.

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Streamiz is one of the most famous illegal streaming websites in France. Nanterre Court sentenced his fleeing administrator severely. The Nanterre court sentenced the administrator of StreamiZ (a streaming site that offers movies protected by copyright) to a heavy prison sentence. Investigators found 130,000 Euros on an account located in Luxembourg and 30,000 Euros.

According to concordant sources, a 41-year-old elder was sentenced Monday in his absence in Nanterre, Hauts-de-Seine, to two years in prison, and more that 80 million euros in damages, for having illegally managed a streaming website.

The accused, who was on the run from authorities, was found guilty for “forgery and concealment of work.” He must pay 83.6 millions euros in damages to civil parties, including two professional unions, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros and Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers.

According to Sacem’s lawyer the offender ran a film distribution site called Streamiz, which was the second most popular streaming site for France in 2011. It received an average 250,000 unique visitors per days. According to the same source and with around 40,000 films available, the site was closed.

According to a source familiar the matter, investigators had located the accused in Hauts de-Seine after receiving a complaint from National Federation of Film Distributors in December 2009.

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A Fugitive Defendant: 2 Years In Prison & 83.6 Million Euros Fine

When he fled Montrouge, he took almost 30,000 euros in cash and hidden it in socks. He was then arrested.

The investigating judge summoned the accused but he had not yet appeared. When he was sentenced, he still was at large. The court confirmed the effect of the arrest warrant against him.

The source stated that the investigation revealed that the defendant had made around 150,000 euros in advertising revenues in less than two years. Documents proving the existence abroad accounts were also discovered.

Sentenced as “Pirates” for example

His conviction will allow it to “mark the spirits” and “show the concrete importance of damage caused by these places”, stated Me Christian Soulie, a civil lawyer. The accused was not present and wasn’t represented by a legal representative, so his conviction could only be the first.

David El Sayegh (secretary-general of Sacem) stated that “this is a clear example of commercial counterfeiting” which was based upon a “very structured system. He added that his conviction sends a clear message: There will be no impunity to pirates.”

Its legal notices specify this point. ” StreamiZ is not a video hosting site and will not. It only refers to video links hosted on public and legally recognised sites […] StreamiZ has no video uploads to accommodation. StreamiZ gives the address of every site, so that users can report intellectually protected content.

10,500,000,000 Visits to Illegal Streaming Sites in France

It is legal to broadcast programs online, which allows you listen to them and not have to download them. The broadcast is used by most major web platforms such as YouTube and Deezer. However, many other platforms offer the public programs, movies, and television series for free.

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According to the MUSO March 2018 report, France saw more than 10.500,000,000 visits to piracy sites and illegal transmission platforms in 2017. Continental France is therefore the European champion for this fraudulent practice, ahead of Germany and United Kingdom.


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