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Your face shape, personality, and style are all factors that will determine the ideal haircut for you, regardless of your age. As the decade changes, so does the quality of hair. We need a well-aged cut that can give our hair life and shine. When you visit the hairdresser, we look at the haircuts of the “celebs” of the moment. They’re irresistible!

Do certain haircuts feel better for a particular age?Yes, but with some nuances.Hairdressers must consider the shape and style of the hair to achieve the perfect cut.Later, when we getAs we age, our hair becomes more gray, thicker, and less manageable.Our mentality also changes. “Yes,”Today’s teenage girls are looking for something more.They hate short hair and love the sound of ‘long hair’.All efforts should be made to care for and nourish long hair at this stage.You tried to discourage them from wearing it in a “virgin cloak” type block that doesn’t favor anything.This is how a hairdresser does it.Diana Daureo She is the owner of the salon named after her. He adds“From 25 there is a chance of a change.They are already guided by a hairdresser when they first enter the workforce to get a better cut and some color.

Concerning theTrendy wellaging cuts Eduardo Sanchez, a hairdresser Maison Eduardo SanchezIt is clear that “from a certain ages”There are many options for alternatives to midi manes, hair cuts, bobs and lobs. Unstructured and pixie cuts can be very revitalizing, as they bring lightness and freshness to the body.Of course,Playing with a fringe can be a great way to get rid of years.They aren’t suitable for everyone: If you have frizzy or curly hair, they won’t work well.They look great on. Oval and angular faces help to reduce the size of the face. Color is another great wellaging partner. It is a good rule of thumb to use color.Light tones can soften features and expression lines;InsteadThe dark ones are what highlight and harden them.


Although hair care is becoming more important, it is not yet a major concern.It’s time to experiment with the latest trends: bangs, short, pixies and long bobs are all available.“This age group is more attentive to visiting the hairdresser for color and not just the color.They start to treat it to keep it healthy, strong, and beautiful. They Risk with weathered, half-length hair that is adapted to each face shapeDiana Daureo explains.

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“Women in the 40s rely on long hair and midi haircuts to stay fashionable.

They are often accompanied by bangs that help them to rejuvenate.Concerning tonesBecause they are looking for maximum discretion, hazelnut, honey, and chestnut win. Tone-ontone techniques are the norm;Blonde is for everyone! It’s a color that allows for lots of light and suits all ages.Eduardo Sanchez says, It’s also the decade of treatments.“The most popular are the detox, moisturizing, and coloring rituals.”Clarifies Daureo


In general, afterWomen over 50 years old often cut their hair to the shoulders. “The main reason is that hair ages and becomes thinner and weaker, so a long, unattractive mane isn’t the best companion.Sanchez. Sanchez says that women over 50 are increasingly wearing it.Long, well-groomed hairThey look great on round faces. Diana DaureoThe hair’s condition is more important than the age. Pixies and midis are great for hair that is severely damaged or cannot be cut to an extreme length.

Take note of the following selectionsThese cuts will be the best this summer, and they look their best at 3040 to 50Do your hair and ask your hairdresser.

At 30: Shaggy

Feminine, sensual, and easy to wearThis midi cut is “This is the result of a light layer at the bottom and at front that provides a casual movement like tousled.HairJuanjo Gabriel, Bigudi’s stylist. TheMedium lengthIt looks great in both a sandbox and in the game.Straight or wavy versions.If you are aNatural wavesApply for aMoisturising oil, serum, or foamThen dry the humidity by using a hairdryer and brushing the front.

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40: Frizzy long bob

Blanca Romero points out one of theThe summer’s most important trendsCurly hair is becoming more popular.Waves and curlsAre wornWith a lot of confidence and volume.It’s a disco style that is reminiscent of the seventies, and enhances natural movement of hair,” Gema Eguiluz – senior stylist at In -Viso. Juanjo Gabriel de Bigudi

At 50: XXL

At 51 years of age,Mar Flores breaks down the moldHer long, natural hair. It is a very special hairstyle.Be carefulHairClosed ends, well hydrated, and polished.It suits her well.Highlights her best featuresLong hair is generally preferred.Favors round facesYou must, of course.Do salon treatments and take good care of the colorIt is possible to bring itBright, healthy, and flawlessDiana Daureo explains.

Recalls“This voluminous cut highlights small features with fine features.”

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