July 23, 2024

Benefits of Pike Push Ups and How to Do Them


If you like doing traditional push-ups, it’s time for you to discover a more demanding variant. These are the “pike push up” push-ups, which strengthen the shoulder area the most.
pike push up pica.

They owe their name to the position that you must adopt in their development pike push up core

It is best that you master the traditional push-ups first, before starting this variant

How to do push-ups “pike push up”?

In pica push-ups you don’t need any kind of equipment.

Comfort must be one of the best allies in the development of your exercises. That is why it is important that you recognize the conditions in which your body is as relaxed as possible.

you will need a rug that allows you to lean on easily

1. Starting position

you will have your arms stretched out and your hands below shoulder height, core

2. V inverted

Walk your legs towards your hands pike push up

3. Elbow flexion

Your head will get closer and closer to the ground

Now with your head in your hands, and gently touching the floor with it, bring your elbows closer to your chest and stretch your arms. It is advisable that you do not lock your elbows completely; you can flex them to take care of the tension of the ligaments.

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4. Completion

you push up to return to the starting position.

Benefits of push-ups “pike push up”

The practice of this routine is recommended for most training plans due to the advantages it adds to your muscle development. It is oriented, in the first line, to the deltoid muscles and the triceps . Already in second place, it enhances the pecs .

From the benefits it brings to muscle groups we can identify the following utilities:

  • It promotes effective movement from different planes of your body that are exercised in unison. It is multiarticular.
  • Develop the power of your shoulders . You reduce the chance of injury by protecting the rotator cuff .
  • Deepens compliance with a correct posture, in which your upper body gains resistance and strength.
  • It amplifies the resistance of the core , with the aim of always maintaining balance through the straightness of your spine.

Recommendations for practicing safe “pike push up” push-ups

The best thing you can do as a preliminary step is to perform traditional core push-ups.

Do not forget the usefulness of complying with the technique of movement. It will be she who guarantees the correct way to obtain the benefits for your muscles.


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