May 24, 2024

Matter is now official, the revolutionary new connected home standard


After a decade of work, the standard arrives to end the complicated configuration processes of these devices.

We have been talking about it for a long time, about a home automation standard or rather about the connected home, which is going to revolutionize it forever. On this occasion and after many years of development, Matter is now official, the new Internet of Things standard, which promises to make it easier than ever for us to use the technology of those things that go beyond the traditional smartphone or tablet. The best thing is that it is finally supported by the main manufacturers in the industry, which will make things much easier when it comes to configuring these new devices.

Matter 1.0 is now official

Although we have already seen many products compatible with Matter, they will not be useful until the standard is able to connect devices to each other. And for this, Matter 1.0 already exists, the first version of this software, which will gradually be implemented in the different operating systems so that our devices are capable of understanding each other with this new standard. It is a new standard that has been developed over a decade by the Connectivity Standards Alliance , which has been in charge of agreeing with all major manufacturers a means for all devices to understand each other more easily.

Now with version 1.0, the test laboratories authorized by this standard are opened so that IOT devices can carry the Matter logo and therefore guarantee maximum compatibility with other devices. Part of this is also the delivery of the Matter development kit to the leading smart device manufacturers in the market. Behind this new standard are the main IOT manufacturers on the planet, such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung SmartThings, Signify or Comcast.

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This means that, from now on, all its products will be easier to connect to networks and to the different voice assistants that control them. And very importantly, it will be less and less necessary for us to have several different apps installed on our mobile to be able to communicate with the different devices. And it is that as you know, sometimes it is a real ordeal to configure a device, simply because each of them is only understood with a specific app from that manufacturer.

That is what is wanted to be forgotten with this new standard, and therefore that consumers can identify with the Matter logo that the device they are going to buy is simple to configure. Little by little it will reach the manufacturers’ operating systems, in fact, it is expected that iOS 16.1 could include the standard within Homekit in Apple products, such as iPhones or iPads with that version of iPadOS. So get familiar with Matter, because it’s going to become ubiquitous in the next few years.

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