May 25, 2024
Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Unwanted fluctuations in weight, whether it’s pertaining to weight loss or weight gain, have been a common concern for many, especially due to the ongoing pandemic. Being stuck in the four walls of your apartment cannot possibly have positive effects on your weight, causing harmful changes in your body. As the probability of having complete access to gym equipment to work on weight loss currently is low, cardio exercises at home are an option just as good. Cardio typically refers to any physical activity that stimulates your muscles to increase your energy levels and keep them high throughout the day. This keeps the fat burning process going even after you’re done with your routine, making it a great and effective option. Here’s a quick guide to the best cardio exercises at home options you should get started with:



  • Spot Jogging: This exercise helps you lose weight by boosting immunity and keeping up energy levels. Jog on the spot at a fast pace and make sure your spine is straight at all times. Do this for as long as possible and never leave out this easy but effective cardio exercise from your routine.


  • Jumping Jacks: Jumping jacks are a cardio exercise that engage all your body muscles and help lose weight overall. It involves continuous jumping where your legs come out to rest with some space between them while your arms simultaneously go overhead. Your arms and legs are supposed to move in a synchronised motion.


  • Mountain Climbers: This is a great exercise to lose belly and thigh fat. It requires you to lower yourself in a plank position and start moving your legs in a climbing motion by bringing your knees up towards your chest alternately. If you’re a beginner, do this at a slow pace initially but increase it as time passes.
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  • Dancing: Really, is there anything better than dancing? While there’s no doubt that it’s extremely fun, one of the biggest advantages of dancing is the great effects it has if you’re looking to lose some weight. At least ½-1 hour of dancing everyday can go a long way so just put on some music and dance away!


  • High Knees: High knees are a type of cardio exercise that’s very effective in weight loss. Place your hands out palms down at weight level by bending them at the elbow. Now, start spot jogging but raise your knees high enough to get them as close to your hands as possible. Keep this up for a few minutes.


All of the listed cardio exercises at home are very helpful ones that help you burn calories in your entire body. You can also focus on exercises that target specific parts of your body but as long as full body cardio exercises at home go, these are the best options. Learn more about different types of cardio exercises at home like squat jumps, burpees, butt kicks, lateral shuffles and more from professionally guided sessions and see some prominent progress right away. Go ahead and get started!



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