July 23, 2024

Benefits and limitations of turmeric for skin care


There are several benefits of turmeric to care for the skin. However, precautions should also be taken regarding its possible side effects.
Did you know that it is possible to use turmeric to take care of the skin? That’s how it is. Although perhaps these uses are not as mentioned or known as its other benefits.

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How to use turmeric to care for the skin?

For a long time, the root of turmeric has been appreciated, both from a culinary point of view and for its contributions to nutrition and health. There are supplements or preparations that are ready to consume or use. But there are also formulations that we can make ourselves, in homemade recipes.

Let’s see what are the various ways to use turmeric to care for the skin:

It can be consumed in tablets or capsules (supplements).
In the kitchen it can be included in recipes .
Place the zest, powder or small strips of turmeric root directly on the skin .
Turmeric essential oil: applied topically.
Homemade lotion : placing a few drops of essential oil in our moisturizing cream.
Turmeric masks: they are made with the powdered extract, adding various ingredients (coconut oil, mint or honey).
Turmeric tea: 2 teaspoons of ground turmeric are added to 3-4 cups of boiled water and steeped.
Gel: with aloe vera, turmeric and argan oil.
Pasta: can be made with milk, sea salt and flour or just water.

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Benefits of turmeric for skin care

anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties

1. Acne treatment

can reduce the proliferation of bacteria that cause acne,

Combined with other ingredients (honey, apple cider vinegar, yogurt, aloe vera, lauric acid), turmeric powder masks are thought to diminish acne scars as well.

Teenager with acne to be treated with turmeric.
There are different degrees of acne. Mild cases might benefit from turmeric.

2. Lighten skin

turmeric inhibits melanin production

3. Shine and smoothness

improves microcirculation

4. Dark circles

turmeric reduces dark circles that form around the eyes

5. Sun damage

Thanks to its antioxidant virtues

6. Traces of aging

promotes collagen production

7. Psoriasis and eczema

helps in managing the symptoms of these skin conditions

8. Unwanted hair

can delay or reduce hair growth in unwanted areas

9. Cure and disinfect wounds

turmeric accelerates the formation of new tissue

10. Mites and parasites

turmeric helps to take care of the skin from the effects of parasites and mites

11. Other conditions

Is turmeric effective for skin care?

Although it is still necessary to delve deeper into the subject, until now some research has been carried out that allows endorsing certain benefits of turmeric to take care of the skin:

A 2011 review examined the parasiticidal activity of turmeric. Among other conclusions, it is stated that the combination of turmeric and neem extract (or nim ) is effective in treating inflammation in scabies.
In an animal study , it was found that the antioxidant compounds in turmeric ameliorated the damage observed in the skin of rats.
Another randomized study involving 60 women between the ages of 18 and 23 found that turmeric oil can slow underarm hair growth. The same research also found that turmeric oil rapidly and effectively improved skin lightening , which persisted 2 weeks after treatment ceased.
In other laboratory work on animals, curcumin treatment was found to be associated with faster wound healing.
Furthermore, a 2009 study conducted on mice showed that turmeric extract can prevent wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity.
Despite these findings, more research is still required, especially considering that most of these studies have been conducted under controlled laboratory conditions and even with animals.

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Turmeric root

Turmeric root is widely used for various health aspects and within traditional medicines.
Possible side effects and precautions
You should consult your doctor if you are going to try this natural treatment.

Ideally, make sure you are not allergic to the product. Also, people who are taking iron supplements or blood thinners should use turmeric with caution.


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