April 22, 2024

Skin Care Review: Testing The New Mini Luna 3


This little machine has become a new must have to take care of the skin.

Although I am a fan of skin care and take great care of my skin, I had always been a skeptic when it came to electronic devices for cleansing the face. So, when I was invited to try the new Foreo Mini Luna 3, I said okay, but the truth is, I didn’t know what to expect.

It sounds exaggerated perhaps, but after trying it the first time, I was convinced with the product… I love it! Not only is it spectacular for cleaning the car easily and effectively, but it is also great for giving your face a massage. (If you have bruxism, you will see the jaw muscles relax.)

But hey, let’s go part … What is Mini Luna 3?

Mini Luna 3 is a silicone device for cleaning the face that works through sonic pulsations and belongs to the “Luna” series of the Swedish brand Foreo. Gently and deeply cleanses dirt, grime and excess oil from the skin. It is suitable for all skin types looking for an easy and effective way to cleanse the skin.

What is the fun of Mini Luna 3?

From what I’ve learned, this version has been redesigned to not over-exfoliate the skin and works with tiny silicone bristles that are powered by sonic vibrations. The difference between this version and its predecessors is that the bristles are softer, achieving a more gentle cleaning (which is great if you have sensitive skin or if you wash your face several times a day). Another plus is that this version also has a “glow” mode, which is a 30-second cleaning and after that time, it turns off by itself.

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How does it work?
-First you have to configure the device by downloading the Foreo app on your cell phone (this is the most laborious, but it takes 5 minutes).

-After downloading the app, with your cell phone’s bluetooth activated, you scan the code that comes on the base of your Mini Luna 3 and with that you enter your device in the app and unlock it.

-In the same app you can set your preferences for duration and intensity of cleaning. Personally, I recommend starting with a not too high intensity and testing how it feels on the skin.

-Once your Mini Luna 3 is set, you just have to press the universal button twice and that’s it. After the set time, the machine turns itself off.

-Remember that before using it, you must remove your makeup if you are wearing makeup. You remove your make-up and then use the Mini Luna 3.

-After using it, I recommend rinsing it with water and letting it air dry.

-You can use your Mini Luna with a foam or gel cleanser (Foreo also has very good cleansers).

The charge of the Mini Luna lasts for about a year and you can recharge it with the cable it comes with.

Note that once you set the cleaning preferences in the Foreo app, you do not need to use the app or have your phone next to you to use the Mini Luna 3.

How often should you clean your face with this device?

This depends on your skin, how sensitive it is, and also how much time you spend on your skin care routine.
Dermatologically, it is recommended to use it a maximum of 2 times a day.
And personally, I’m using it once a day, in the morning.

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What did I think of the Mini Luna 3?

I personally loved it! Although, at first I found the whole procedure of unlocking and setting up the machine a bit cumbersome, once that process was finished, I really liked using it. My skin feels amazing, much smoother and brighter. And, I have not noticed that my process of cleaning the face has been lengthened. I recommend it!


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