June 18, 2024

Eight solutions to kill ants indoors and outdoors


Eight solutions to kill ants indoors and outdoors

Effective and cheap traps, sprays or powder products to prevent the presence of these insects at home or on the terrace during the summer
With the arrival of heat, it is common to find ants in outdoor spaces of the home such as terraces or gardens. Sometimes, they also sneak into bathrooms or kitchens, so it may be necessary to resort to a product to drive them away and prevent them from reaching, for example, food .

Thinking of those who are wondering these days how to eliminate ants at home or what is the best poison, insecticide or repellent for them, we have selected eight practical and effective solutions that can be purchased comfortably on Amazon. These are products in varied formats to adapt to different needs, but which, in all cases, have very positive evaluations by buyers who have tried them in their homes.

ant bait

This box includes two baits that attract ants and thus destroy both larvae and adult specimens. It is a product suitable for use in closed and open spaces. In addition, it is very comfortable and clean, since it does not leave any traces on the floor. It is enough to place it near the passageways of the ants. It is a highly valued product on Amazon, with an average of 4.3 stars out of 5, and that the platform’s customers rate as “very effective”.

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Insecticide for ants in syringe format

Another effective and clean solution is this anti-ant product that is sold in a syringe-shaped bottle so that it can be applied to the area to be treated quickly and without complications. It is an odorless product, which has been included in the list of best sellers in its category on Amazon, and users who have tried it say that it “works” and that it is a “fantastic product”.

Instant spray against ants

A suitable insecticide for those occasions in which a quick effect is needed, since it is enough to spray it on the affected area to kill the ants instantly. It has a rotary valve to be able to reach even the most difficult corners and is also effective against other insects such as spiders or cockroaches. It is a product registered with the Ministry of Health and reaches an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

Floor cleaner insecticide

With a lavender scent, this two-in-one solution allows you to clean the floor while achieving a repellent effect on crawling insects such as ants. It is sold in a package of two 750-milliliter bottles that include a concentrated formula to repel insects for about 15 days. It leaves a fresh and pleasant smell in the rooms and it is enough to dilute it in water to apply it with the mop.

ant pellets

“After trying many poisons from different brands, this is the one I like the most,” explains one of the Amazon users who have reviewed this powdered product designed to eliminate larvae and adult ants. The grains act on the ants both by ingestion and by contact and, in this way, make it easier to eliminate them quickly. It lasts approximately one month and to apply it, simply dissolve it in water on the anthill.

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Organic anti ant spray

A proposal, based on lemon and geranium essential oils, which is presented as a natural alternative to classic insecticides, as it repels ants without killing them. It is a product made in Germany, organic and ecological, which can be easily applied thanks to the container in which it is marketed with a spray diffuser. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

ant trap

This Raid brand bait can be placed in the ground and used both indoors and outdoors. It ensures a protection area of ​​up to 58 m3 and offers continuous action for two to three weeks. It is a product that allows you to kill the entire colony of ants and that Amazon customers point out that it achieves “maximum effectiveness in record time”.

Premium ant repellent

This solution, designed for the interior spaces of the home, works by altering the magnetic fields by which the ants orient themselves to make them disoriented and leave the house. It is enough to plug it in and, since it does not give off odors or toxic substances, it is suitable for placing in areas where there is food, such as pantries or kitchens. It also does not require spare parts and has an unlimited duration.

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